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Drop Ins & Survivor Networks

Survivor Networks

We are invested in supporting communities and individuals to set up and develop Survivor Groups, with the aim of eventually having a network of sustainable survivor groups across Lincolnshire. This network will enhance support for survivors at a local level. Those who have experienced domestic abuse will be able to access a safe and empowering space for emotional and practical support, to increase connection with fellow survivors and build confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Interested in accessing a survivor group?

Below is a list of the current Survivor groups running in Lincolnshire: 

The Sunflower Group and Empowering Healthy Relationships - A group for women based in Spalding.  For further information, please contact  or     

Survivor / Thrive Drop-In ( 3 groups for men, women, and those identifying as LGBTQ+). The location is Bourne Galletly GP Practice, 40 North Road, Bourne PE10 9BT. Anyone wishing to book in or find out further information should contact: 

Moving Forward - A support group for female survivors of domestic abuse in Lincolnshire. It provides access to empathetic support from those who have been through a similar experience. They also offer the 'Four Cornerstones of Healing', which is a trauma-informed programme in partnership with Clear Path UK. 

The support group meets at a location in central Lincoln, and they also provide a virtual meet-up for those who cannot attend in person.

If you would like to attend this group or for further information, please email:

They have a public Facebook page or ‘friends of’ and professionals:

The Survivor Group can also be accessed online here:

Bro Pro UK: Born Survivor - A men's only Survivor Group - The group meets in Skegness. For further information contact: 

*Please note that all the aforementioned groups operate independently and are not part of the LDASS service*

Would you like to set up or be part of developing a survivor group?

These survivor groups are independently run rather than a service provided by the outreach and engagement team within LDASS.  However, our role is to assist with the group start-up and development through a process of consultancy, training and support. 

If you are interested in setting up a survivor group and being part of this network, please contact the OET team for further information.