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Professionals Area

A central source of information, advice and resources on domestic abuse for professionals. 

Here you will find:

Lincolnshire County Council Professionals Hub for Domestic Abuse in Lincolnshire

This is an excellent resource that provides a range of tools and information to assist professionals working with clients affected by domestic abuse, as well as resources related to the Lincolnshire MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences) and the Lincolnshire Domestic Homicide Reviews [DHRs]. 

The hub also offers a variety of resources to support professionals in Lincolnshire in helping those who are experiencing abuse or choosing to abuse a loved one, whether it be a partner, ex-partner, or family member. 

Resources available on the website include the DASH risk assessment and guidance, MARAC information, referral forms, joint protocols, and process maps. Also where to go for support, training and a range of helpful videos produced by the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Partnership.

Click here to access the professionals' hub for domestic abuse in Lincolnshire

LDASS Professionals Consultation Service

Our professional consultation service provides one-off advice and support for those working with victims of domestic abuse in Lincolnshire. To request a consultation with one of our specialist domestic abuse practitioners, please contact the service by calling 01522 510041 and selecting option 2 when prompted. We are available between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Further information

A Journey of Hope

A glimmer of hope can emerge in a victim's life when a dedicated professional's support steps into the narrative, offering a lifeline amidst the darkness.  Click on the links below to hear a story of hope, and the impact that compassion, guidance, and understanding can have on a victim's journey to reclaim their life. 

Being part of someone's journey is a path fueled by patience, optimism, and the belief that focuses on possibilities, that are client-led, and most importantly guided by their time frame and resilience for change.

Refer someone to LDASS

Access our referral form here and read our top tips for making a referral

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Sourcing refuge

How to support someone to access Refuge. Find out more about other accommodation options for victims.

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A guide to identifying and supporting victims

Advice on how to identify victims of domestic abuse and support them.

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Victim rights and options

Learn more about the rights and options available to victims including legal options.

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Useful links, training and resources

Access our S.A.F.E course here and a selection of downloadable practitioner resources you can use when supporting a child, young person or adult impacted by domestic abuse.

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Safety planning advice

Learn more about how to safety plan with victims

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