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Outreach & Engagement Team

Working together to bring positive change

The Outreach Engagement Team (OET) is a new initiative and an exciting project that has been set up to provide proactive early interventions, targeting communities and individuals who may face barriers to accessing domestic abuse support services.   

It is equally invested in playing a key role in increasing community awareness of domestic abuse.  This includes training and consultancy with key partners and identifying and working with existing community groups to build their capacity to identify and support domestic abuse victims.  

The OET supports the setup and development of sustainable survivor support networks which are independently run and enhance support for victims at a local level.

Finally, a key priority for the OET is to fulfil a partnership link role working with allocated partners and key referrers across the county.  The aim is to develop and build a strong partnership approach to responding to domestic abuse in Lincolnshire and to improve victims’ experience of domestic abuse support services.

Connection and Empowerment

Would your community, business or service benefit from awareness and empowerment around domestic abuse? If so, we can help.

We can provide training, support and consultancy to your team or community group to enhance knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse.  This includes how to identify and respond to victims and break down barriers preventing individuals from accessing the support they need.

Want to do more?  Have you thought about being trained as a domestic abuse champion?  This training offers a toolkit of advice and support that enables you to respond safely and confidently with those in the community that are experiencing domestic abuse. The training enables you to spot the signs of abuse and signpost people to get the help they need.  

If you would like further information about any of the initiatives including becoming a domestic abuse champion, please contact the OET Manager Ann Canter. Email:  Tel: 07484 019137